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On this webpage I want to share the results of my 3D activity around the 'age of sail' period. I am an enthusiast of 3D-modeling as well as of historical ships of this time. For 3D-modeling I use the software 'Cinema 4D' from Maxon. This website currently shows the progress of a project depicting the British 6th rate frigate HMS Pandora. Her keel was laid in Deptford on 2 March 1778 and launched on 17 May 1779. She became famous because of her hunt for the bounty mutineers along the way she was wrecked on the Great Barrier Reef on 29 August 1791. There is a documentation: "Anatomy Of The Ship The 24-Gun Frigate PANDORA" by John McKay & Ron Coleman that is unequaled in regard to detail by anything else that I have seen so far although there are quite a lot good sources about shipbuilding of the period available. Please feel free to take a look at my galleries a/o leave some comments in my guestbook ...